Current mood:spencerian
s = a, s
given the wsy
her eye mskeup tskes
s smsll psrt swsy
ssdly then msdly
s blsck wsterfsll
s trickle st first
then the burst
then the squsll
s = a, s


Current mood:spencerian
-Wedding Dress-
She wore her wedding dress
to his funeral
and she opened the coffin’s lid,
The crowd thought it romantic
until she tried to get in,
Took five men to restrain her,
where two had failed before,
The priest,
he was most taken
by the claw marks on the floor,
The altar boys,
they were shaken,
by obscenity she roared,
my friends,
be not mistaken,
This is love that’s gone before.
This is love,
that’s gone.


Haiku Do You Do

Current mood:spencerian
at times they change shapes
to avoid the illusion
of painted beings
“New Orleans”
some symmetry form
come beauteous wet and warm
feed my disaster
momentous solace
screaming through our privileged
– robert zimmerman-
“girls girls” on the sign
winking in neon night lights
not “women” inside


Haiku Do You Do Too
Current mood:spencerian
Object of desire
Stair step glass trash consumption
oh Frank you Gehry
Garb me in your grab
Accoutrements connotate
Smile through the struggle
They will attack your exposed
Your teeth will be broke
Tragedy our muse
We bemuse ourselves badly
Mad laughs and tear baths
Caught in the middle
A thought lost without caution
One more cigarette.


Current mood:Spencerian


So many adventures
I will never remember

Chasing the dog
across the front lawn

Falling from the oak tree
pretending to be
an apple

So many adventures
I will never remember

Parking the car
in the neighbor’s yard

my clothing
for religious differences

the street

So many adventures
I will never remember

Punching air-holes
in my shoebox
apartment walls

all of those
sweet sweaty words
made my best friend cry

all of those
sour sweaty words
made my best friend cry

What made me

a smiley face

So many adventures
I will never remember



Current mood:looking for spencer

We were all born dying…

Ugh… boring!!!!

i can barely finish a sentence ever since i started this descent
i can only admit i’ve probably left the the best bits behind
i babble on like a baby, boo-boos, towers and mangers
no one understands me, i fell asleep in a ladle
cradled in another sop’s fables… what a yob!

i’ve started checking for bloodstains
on my sheets when i wake up

someone’s trying to kill me

like every paranoid artist
i can get very jealous
when i hear of something that i never thought of before


Statue, ’09
Current mood:Spencerian

She dances in the forest shade
in freckles of the sun
slight winds breach the trees’ blockade
and the shade succumbs

A sudden burst of brilliant light
the forest comes alive
illuminating scattered paths
where forest creatures hide

She, revealed, a statue
bleaching in the sun
her skin of stone
a marble tone
her dress a mess
of vines and nests
a kind distress
her mouth

for a statue
no less
for the trees
leaves dancing
in season
and reason deceived
as she seems to be
dancing, dancing for me

what shadows might allow at night!
when branches dip and sway
the disco moon, a trick of light
she sways on nature’s stage

her holly golightly gave her the reds,
my james dean savior will see me dead

bowing to the inscription a questioning sigh
could something less than rain make a statue cry?